Well hello there! Thanks for checking out MOVE Twin Cities. As followers of Jesus, we are interested in how the Gospel brings diverse groups of people together to listen and learn from one another. We started the MOVE service as a way to purposefully reach out to people who may be looking to be part of a new approach to "doing church." As God continues to lead us, we continue to embrace new and creative ways to worship and praise our Lord. We believe, as a community of unique individuals, that when we recognize our unity in Christ we are then able to appreciate and celebrate all the distinguishing characteristics of God's infinite creativity. God has purposefully and uniquely gifted each of us to serve, encourage, and uplift one another.

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My name is Bob Brice, and I am one of pastors at MOVE Twin Cities. I am a husband, father, preacher, musician, and business owner. I began serving Fridley United Methodist Church in 2015, and we started the MOVE service in April of 2017. I have a Masters of Divinity from Luther Seminary and a bachelors degree from Hamline University, both located in St. Paul. As a committed Christ-follower, I don't really get hung up on denominational differences or dogma; I am far more interested in learning and doing life together with people who are unafraid, as I am, to admit that, "I don't have it all figured out." Let's get together and encourage one another. Let's pray and discern where God is leading us. Let's take meaningful action in the world to live the Gospel as the fruits of our faith in Jesus our Savior.       



I was appointed to Fridley United Methodist Church in July, 2013.  This is the 4th congregation in which I have served in a pastoral role. I bring a bold presentation, clear biblical teaching, and devotion for the Triune God. My wife Holly and our two sons are excited to be part of Fridley UMC’s church family. My 25 plus years of experience in pastoral ministry offers Fridley UMC a full spectrum of resources in equipping the congregation to be Disciples, who make Disciples, who Serve to make a Difference. My foundation is based on the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Reaching Up, Reaching Deep, and Reaching Out, all in Jesus Name.

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Rose Maclean Joseph | outreach ambassador

I live in Blaine with my husband Emile and two children. We have been members at FUMC since 2016. At FUMC,  I have been part of the worship team and outreach team. I also serve as a greeter and coffee hour host for the MOVE service.  Originally from Liberia, I was raised a Catholic and served as an Altar girl.  Going to church, hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and belonging to a welcoming congregation is very important to my family and me. We have found Pastor Wayne, Pastor Bob and members of the congregation at FUMC to be exactly that which led us to become members of this church in 2016. My family and I are grateful for our MOVE (FUMC) family and look forward to many future years together.


KRystal wee | music director

My earliest memory of worship is singing a capella during Children's Worship in Singapore. I was the quiet kid, just wanting to play the piano so bad! I now realize that, at just 6-years-old, God had placed in my heart a desire to serve Him. The next year I got my big opportunity to play the piano during worship, and I have been serving in various churches ever since! Over the years, God has deepened my understanding of worship, expanded my view of Him, and broadened my passion by giving me amazing and creative opportunities to worship and serve across international boundaries. My sweetest moments of worship are when I am able to stand in childlike and reverent awe of our Creator's beauty and majesty. At MOVE, we are a growing family of believers that unite our internationally diverse styles of worship into one voice; all in honor and praise of our Eternal King. 


tammy brice | creative director

You can find me leading worship on Sundays as well as handling all the creative media aspects for MOVE. Always creating and exploring, I formed Tammy Brice Creative in 2001 after I realized that many clients not only need photography, but also branding, marketing collateral and help with an overall vision to promote their company or non-profit. Many of my clients say that I'm a “one-stop-shop” as I try to provide many helpful, creative services from start to finish. My passion is being a part of something new and then watching it come to fruition. Working with my husband, Bob, on the MOVE service has enabled me to use my gifts and talents in new ways of serving in God's Kingdom. While my career has included many creative roles, including everything from Director of Entertainment at Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America to voice-over artist for National Companies, my favorite roles are being Pastor Bob's wife, and mom to two amazing boys, Carter & Conley.