Communities and Cultures coming together in Christ








A lively, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, contemporary worship gathering

SUNDAYS @ 11:30 AM



The Bible is a collection of the most amazing stories every recorded. Stories about a magnificent God, the Creator of all that exists, who has come to live and dwell with us in Jesus. Stories of true freedom and redemption, beyond anything the world can manufacture or consume. Stories full of challenges, struggles, desperation, but also love, hope, deliverance, and salvation. Stories that teach us how we are to live in relationship with God and with our neighbors...all of our neighbors! We're all in this together!

In today's world, it's easy to be overwhelmed by division and disagreement. In many cases, we've all but forgotten how to even simply talk to one another. But when we take the step to share our stories, and listen to one another, a fascinating thing happens...we realize we have far more in common than we ever knew. When we share the stories of the Bible, and our own stories with one another, we begin to share life together in a new way. This new life together calls us into action through faith that God's Kingdom has come and is on the MOVE.

This is our vision: to continually share the stories of God and the stories of us to better learn, love, and live lives that honor God and serve people. All people. We are all connected to God and to each other through these stories.

Come and see; come and hear; come and share. We look forward to meeting you!

We meet every Sunday at 11:30 AM for about 1.25 hours at Fridley United Methodist Church in Fridley, MN.



Join us on New Year’s Eve at 8:00 pm for food and fellowship followed by music and worship the rest of the evening. It’s a Time of Reflection, Celebration, & Hope. We will be sharing testimonies and stories of God's faithfulness. We will pray prayers of thanksgiving for the year past, and for the future ahead. Come and go as you please. All ages welcome. Dress up or down….come in sequins or in jeans. Let’s gather together in God’s grace and grow!

Considering a visit?

We know that searching for a new church can sometimes be overwhelming. Knowing what to expect can often ease any anxiety. 


Click here to watch our most recent MOVE worship gathering. Or, if you want to view previous gatherings, we have that available too!


We believe God is calling us to reach new people and to help heal a broken world. Let's get together! 



Sometimes we let our differences keep us apart. In a world that constantly tries to separate people into groups and identify new enemies and new reasons to be afraid of one another, we stand firmly and reject this! We believe that God unites people together in Jesus Christ so that we may celebrate our differences and appreciate the infinite expressions of an infinitely creative God. A new day is emerging in the church. Where all voices are heard, and all people are valued as a precious Creation God has purposefully made. 



Worship can take many forms and can have many different styles and traditions. We believe that as long as the Good News, or the Gospel, of Jesus Christ is faithfully preached and the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are rightly administered, then we are free to creatively praise and worship our God in innovative and exciting ways. These diverse expressions can come through video, drama, music, dancing, prayer, and even potlucks. All, however, are designed to keep Jesus Christ at the center of all that we do. Our "normal" worship gathering includes contemporary worship songs led by a diverse and growing number of musicians and vocalists. If you'd like to join our worship team, or have some creative ideas for worship, let's talk!